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  • DATEJan 27,2021

If you want to separate yourself from your competitors, then you need to up your digital marketing game. Content marketing uses the content you create on your site and elsewhere to bring traffic to your site and improve your overall sales performance.

People know that content is king, but what kind of content does your business need? Should you bother with content marketing services when there are so many other forms of digital marketing out there? We’ll show you why content marketing is worth it and how it helps many other areas of digital marketing.

Don’t make the mistake of forgetting content marketing for your website.

Build Trust with Customers

You’re an authority in your business niche. You know many aspects that most other people don’t, but how can you let people know what if they don’t visit your shop or website? Content marketing lets you create highly authoritative content and get it out in front of the eyes of potential customers.

When people read your content, they understand that you’re not just your average person off the street, but someone who knows the business in and out. Content marketing builds trust with potential customers because they trust you as an authority.

Grow Your Website Traffic

Google wants people to get the best possible results when they do a search. They have a very complex algorithm designed to evaluate your website for many factors including authority and trustworthiness. One of the ways they determine this is by the content on your site.

By creating great content, you’re improving your authority in the eyes of Google. They’ll improve your ranking for various keywords, and this can grow your organic traffic. The higher your ranking the more likely you’ll be chosen by a searcher.

Website traffic is the bread and butter of e-business success and the more qualified traffic you get, the higher your conversions.

Higher Return on Investment

There is a cost associated with all aspects digital marketing in both money and time. Marketing ads take a heavy investment and many times the return isn’t the greatest. Content marketing has a much better return on investment.

It’s estimated that content marketing provides three times the number of leads compared to paid advertising. Consider having an ad budget of $500 per month. Unless you run an incredibly good ad campaign, the ROI isn’t going to be large.

One month it can be great and the next almost nothing. Each year the cost of PPC advertising continues to increase.

Content marketing has a cost of creating the article and getting it out there. Once it is, then it has a lifetime potential for leads. Ads are only there for a short period, but articles can be on websites for many years.

You end up with a better ROI because the content never goes away and it can earn leads years after it was written. Each article you write increases that lead opportunity.

Build Your Brand

You know your business, but unless you’re getting your name out there many others don’t. If you’re an e-commerce business only without a brick and mortar store, you could be missing out on conversions because people don’t know who you are.

Content marketing gets your business name out there. Your name is associated with high-quality content. It builds your brand name and reputation because more people see it. In e-commerce where you’re one website in a sea of millions, brand management is essential to growing your business.

Content marketing is one of the best methods to create brand awareness.

Content Marketing Services Generate Sales Leads

If you’re looking to add a new service or product, would you prefer a business that you found using highly trustworthy content or one that has a sparse website with little content at all?

Content marketing helps build sales leads by showing you as an authority. They may not even be on your website, but they know you’re a leader because you’ve been published through guest blogging. You can use great content like e-books to further draw them down the sales funnel.

You can’t beat creating awareness and trust with potential customers and content marketing is a great way to do that.

Attract Qualified Traffic to Your Site

One of the biggest problem’s websites have is converting website traffic into sales. They can get plenty of traffic to the site, but much of it doesn’t convert into sales. It could be because they’re not interested in buying or got there by mistake.

Content marketing is about sharing your expertise. The people reading it are already interested in your product or service or they wouldn’t be reading the content. By sending them to your website, you’re increasing the amount of qualified traffic going to your site.

This can lead to more sales

Content Could Be Shared on Social Media

Part of content marketing is taking your existing website content such as blog posts and sharing them on social media like Facebook. You’re not only getting it out in front of an audience that’s not on your website but also increases the chance of it being shared.

If a customer thinks your content is great and wants their friends to know about it, then they’ll share it. Who knows where it can go from there? Your content can get spread far and wide through social media because you put it on Facebook for people to read.

Builds High Authority Backlinks

We talked earlier about how Google uses many factors when determining search results ranking. Backlinks are another important factor. Backlinks are links on another website that link back to your website.

Part of content marketing is getting other sites to publish content written by you and then linking back to your site either in the article or in an author bio. The more backlinks you have from websites that are in your business niche, the better chances you have of ranking better in Google.

Create a Community Around Content

One of the hardest things for a business to do is keep customers coming back to their site. People visit many websites every day and once they use your business, they may not have cause to come back again.

Creating content and sharing it through social media, email marketing, etc., gives people a reason to come back to your website. You’ll create a community around content that you create on a regular basis.

Businesses Need Content Marketing

Content marketing services help businesses out in many ways and complements other forms of digital marketing. It should be part of your overall marketing plan.

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