White Label Web Services could be exactly what you need! Is this your story?

Web design and development isn’t an easy business. Driven by almost impossible deadlines and demanding clients, it’s sometimes difficult to keep up the pace. Do any of these issues resonate with you?

Go in-​house or not?

You’re a small to medium sized marketing agency wanting to explore the possibility of opening your own web division. The thought of delivering beautifully designed websites and impressing your clients sounds great. Also, the idea of being able to handle the whole process of web development, from A to Z, in-house should give you better control, right?

In theory yes. In practice, it’s a different story.

First it’s the cost to open the department

You need the talent. Not just any talent, people with experience and technical know-how. People who stay up to date with the latest best in practice concepts. Along with that talent comes the inevitable costs for their wages.

You need to attract the best, to deliver the best.

Next it’s the investment in equipment

From the hardware to the software, licences and regular updates, it’s not cheap to bring the service in house. Especially not when staying on top with the latest programs.

Feeding the engine takes time and money

Think of your webs services department as an engine that you have to feed constantly to make it profitable. That puts more pressure on you to win business that will keep the engine running and fulfilling its purpose. But what happens when employees fall sick or book leave (as is their right). If you’ve brought in the projects but your team is already stretched, where do you turn? How much time are you spending on pitches that you then can’t deliver? What about quiet patches in your business cycle? How do you keep covering the overheads? Do you take on any work at any price?

As a Marketing, PR, Brand, Advertising or SEO Agency, you need to ensure you can keep your clients’ happy. As a business owner you need to make sure that running your company is profitable. This is when outsourcing your web design and development makes sense. You can focus on your core business and offer web design and development or even SEO as added value. Especially if you work with the right partner, like our team at The Web Ally.

No overheads, no massive investment. Just your web projects delivered on time and to budget.

So, what are White Label Services?

It’s a product or service that is purchased by a third party and re-branded as their own.
It’s the possibility for you to offer design, website development, SEO services, software development and offer them as your own.
It’s a mechanism to grow your business, but not your overheads or headaches.
Plus with The Web Ally it’s a cost effective solution.

An Invisible Pa​rtner

No matter the project that you’re working on, our services remain both at your disposal and at your discretion. No one needs to know that you’re outsourcing these services, so you won’t run the risk of losing the client or even having the client poached. Design prototypes, SEO optimization, technical development – all without our branding.

Use Your Image

On the other end of the spectrum the services can be branded, but under your identity. Quotes, designs, forms, deliverables. It’s your name that your client will see, exactly the way it should be.

Take the Credit

Once the project is complete, we’re happy for you to take full credit. Own the project and push it forward as part of your portfolio and use it to win more business.

Outstanding Support

Web development requires some back and forth communication. Rest assured we will keep our end of the agreement. We deliver exceptional support, irrelevant of whether we’re physically close to you. What matters to us is that you’re happy and your client is happy. So that’s what we put first.

Got a project with us

Tell About It!

A Run-Down of Benefits of a White Label Web Partner

Make money, save time increase your service offering.

For You

  • Faster time to market.
  • Gain positive feedback and praise from your client.
  • Increase client loyalty because they can come to you for everything
  • digital that you need.
  • Add the work we complete to your company portfolio.
  • You focus on your core competencies.
  • Hassle free, smooth project development.
  • Full transparency on the project status.
  • No overheads.
  • You can afford to be competitive when you’re selecting which work to take on.
  • Enjoy wholesale pricing for services, so you can mark up as needed.
  • Pick and choose which web projects you want to handle without the need to have a costly engine to feed on a permanent basis.
  • Tap into experienced professionals.
  • Outstanding technical support.
  • Save time. It’s that simple.

For Your Client

  • Prompt delivery.
  • Access to industry expertise.
  • Efficiency in project management.
  • Insight they might not otherwise know about.
  • Outstanding support. Hit a glitch? Not a problem.
  • Cost effective fees.
  • Websites that deliver and rank.
  • They’ll be impressed. And you’ll get the credit.

Turn your agency into a digital solutions provider

Meet your experienced partner in Website Design and Development and SEO

We’ve been in the web business long enough to know that this industry is as dynamic as they come. It’s impossible to approach the digital arena as if it’s a passive, one size fits all service. Staying up to date is the difference between providing solutions that work, and solutions that become outdated as fast as Google changes its algorithms.

We offer straight-forward solutions to complex challenges and projects.


It’s a Money- Making Opportunity

Good design that delivers isn’t cheap.

Faultless coding, support, beautiful design work and efficient project management will cost. But at The Web Ally, we’ve worked out highly competitive pricing so that you have room to add on your fees over and above what we charge you. This works out cheaper than investing in your own in-house studio. Don’t forget the work will be branded as yours as well. All pricing is open to discussion.

Let’s discuss your project and we’ll take you through our process and the white label opportunity.


Shall we talk?

Self-service covers every aspect of life these days, but we still believe in the power of having someone to talk to. Maybe it's to bounce off ideas and explore new opportunities. Maybe it's just to say hello.

In any case, we will only use your contact details to get in touch with you regarding your enquiry - and nothing else!