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We work for your successful online presence

We believe that having a good website is crucial to a successful business. Your online presence is important in this digital age, when consumers make most of their buying decisions as a result of online research. Your website represents your brand image, offers information about your products and services, and encourages prospects to become customers.

We build websites that work for your business

Our Digital Marketing and SEO services ensure that your website is not only functional but also effective. Without proper search engine optimisation, supported by other digital marketing endeavors, your website could be practically invisible on the World Wide Web. We help you embark on a holistic internet strategy, because launching a website is just the beginning.

We offer you our expertise

We have years of experience in web design and development, using a multitude of web development tools and technologies. We built our first website in 2001 – we were exploring South America and wanted to share our experience as well as encourage others to also discover this beautiful part of the world. What started out as an experiment became a passion and we went on to build several more websites, initially for friends and eventually for businesses. Website building became the thing we do, and we are still doing it.

We are keen to give all businesses a fair chance

It is possible to build a great website without breaking the bank. Small to medium business clients can benefit from a simple and easy-to-maintain product, which is both affordable and hassle-free. Why should only big and successful businesses with a large marketing budget afford a fantastic website? No matter how big or small, your business can have a great website too.

We know the importance of peace of mind

We offer ongoing maintenance packages to ensure that you never need to worry about updates and security. We can also assist you with the all-important content updates to keep your website favored by search engines. Choose from several website maintenance packages the one that best suits your business and budget.

We build relationships with our clients

We know you are busy with so many aspects of your business to tend to. Leave your web presence in our hands, while you focus on your core business.


To help our customers achieve business growth with creative Design and Development, and to create value and competitive advantage using the best Digital Marketing techniques.

Our vision is to become the leading web solutions and digital marketing company in Malta by providing our clients with all the tools and services to achieve their particular business goals.

We take pride in our on time delivery and the ability to meet our customer’s requests while exceeding their expectations.

Customer Satisfaction continues to be of utmost importance to The Web Ally, as do Quality, Innovation, Technology Enhancement, Process Improvement and Customer Orientation.

It is our collaborative approach, creative outlook, and emphasis on delivering economical and cost-effective solutions, that has allowed us to attract an impressive and diverse client list.


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