Why choose a website with Content Management System (CMS)?

The choice of CMS websites in Malta can allow you to update your website content by different users in different places, simultaneously and seamlessly.

A CMS website gives you:

Easy content updates

Update your content easily. Maintain full freedom and independence to keep your website up to date.

Multiple users

Have a website that can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously. Work together seamlessly.


Keeping track of all the versions of a page, and who changed what and when is easy with a CMS.

Full control

Customise your website design and function. Establish user rights and keep track of who did what. Manage content.

A choice of CMS

Choose your preferred CMS and let us handle the design and development. Or let us recommend our preferred CMS.

Wordpress CMS

Rely on a tried and tested CMS that is supported by a vast and comprehensive open source support network.

What is a CMS website?

A content management system or CMS is a solution which caters for the creation, editing and managing of digital content. Some of the benefits which CMS offers include:

  • Streamlined authoring process
  • Easier to add new pages
  • Quicker editing
  • Greater consistency
  • Reduced site maintenance costs
  • Improved site navigation
  • Collaboration of multiple users

All our websites are built around a content management system (CMS), giving you complete freedom and control 24/7. So, contact us today for CMS websites development in Malta.

CMS Websites Development Malta

Our CMS platform of choice is WordPress. This is because it is one of the most robust, stable, SEO friendly and flexible website publishing platforms available, giving the user full control over documents and files, content design and display.

WordPress is an open source software with a large support network of developers, who constantly produce beautiful templates, which can be customised and adapted to the requirements of a particular business.
Millions of clients have joined the WordPress family, including sites such as The New York Times, Bata and Groupe Renault. It has become the leading content management system available to businesses.

Thousands of useful WordPress tools and plugins are also constantly being developed to serve various requirements and each can be downloaded and integrated to your website at the click of a button.

Quite simply, WordPress CMS allows us to create beautiful and functional websites, faster and cheaper. It’s all about value.

Other CMS platforms

Although WordPress is our favoured CMS platform, we can also build websites based on other CMS platforms if you have other preferences.

If web content management is a “thing” for your business, CMS is your obvious solution. If it is not a priority, bear in mind the flexibility it offers and how much easier it could be to have that facility, particularly when it does not incur extra costs.

If you are looking for CMS website development in Malta, contact us for a free consultation.

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