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As a web and mobile app development company, we work with our customers to help them respond quickly and efficiently to a digital project. From inception and development to execution, we find ways to give our customers' businesses a competitive advantage through the power of technology and data App Development Services Malta.

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Web Based Applications

Web Based Applications

Software to drive success

Web based applications are used every day by almost every person with an internet connection. Some brands start off using mobile apps, then eventually move into web-based applications simply because there’s a demand for them. Use What’s App on your mobile, and now on your desktop? Instagram? Revolut? Amazon? These are just a few of the top companies in the world that realize catering for desktop-based solutions is just as important as providing tech platforms to carry around on your mobile.

The more channels you provide to your customers, and/or your internal teams and partners with – the more opportunities you create to have stronger engagement, retention and even growth.

It’s all about better user experiences.

What are the benefits of a web-based application?
  • Hassle free for the user - no need to download or install or take up precious storage space.
  • Highly accessible - works on all browsers and devices. Including mobiles in an internet browser app.
  • Multi-user - allows multiple people to access it simultaneously and always the same version (you don’t need to maintain back dated versions for old installs).
  • Easier integrations – web app to web app can be linked together easier than mobile apps and desktop or native apps.
  • Better maintenance – upgrades can be managed through the host server instead of directly to the user’s machine. Using this central point reduces both your time and effort and the end user.
  • Offers scalability – enjoy the flexibility of increasing the capacity of your app to grow with your business or adapt based on your customers or users demands.
  • Reduce risk – most web bases applications are centralized on servers which only the core team would have access to. If these are cloud based, then servers can be made redundant and replicated to reduce downtime and impact on any user.
  • Cost effective – rather than developing two apps for iOS or Android platforms, a web-based application is a singular project and therefore cost impact. This can make sense especially for entrepreneurs or start ups who don’t want their budget to be eaten on day one but are keen to launch.
How is a web-based application developed? The first part of a web-based application is what the user sees and engages with called the UI (user interface) and UX (overall user experience). The second partis what we like to call the magic hidden in the box – the app’s back end. This is where all the connections are set up and data is stored. To create a web app, tech engineers who are specialists in their tech ‘stack’ work together to develop the desired outcome. We work with multiple technologies to build your app, depending on the requirements you set out at the beginning and your resources, planning and ambitions for the app in the future. We select and propose the best one whether it’s node.js, PHP, Java, Python and so on. Worth noting! You do need to consider the product or service you want to launch as a web-based app. If it requires promotion or needs monetization (for example features which can only be accessed for the user by payment) then a mobile app might be more viable. Come to us with your idea. Let’s discuss the most workable solution and get it launched with The Web Ally's expert App Development Services Malta.
Mobile Based Applications

Mobile Based Applications

Put the power in your customers’ hands

We believe that successful mobile app development creates apps that are effective, engaging, potentially money making and retention building. If the end user loves interacting with your app because its simple and intuitive then we consider that a job well done. Especially if the app software has the scope to grow at scale with additional functions and features as your company progresses.

The primary goal of any mobile app is to give your customers the ability to interact, perform a function or access information from you wherever they are, whenever they want.

Depending on the app’s scope, such as a loyalty scheme app, an entertainment-based app, or perhaps a content-based app, we always look at the end game when considering our approach. What do you need out of the app, what would your customer be most grateful for when using the app – what will keep them coming back for more?

If you want to improve your business processes, boost your profitability and be where your customers are – you must be comfortable with the fact that it has become a ‘mobile first’ world.

What are the benefits of mobile-based application?
  • Added value – mobile apps by their very nature shape customers habits. As consumers expectations grow it’s important that your app keeps up with demand. Biometric authentication? QR Code scanning? Favourites in your shopping cart? The more features you offer, the better the feedback will be.
  • Brand building – this is your company, your brand in your customer’s pocket. Given how much time is spent on mobiles, as an app owner you can leverage that to your advantage by literally being where they are all the time.
  • Speed – a mobile app is one of the fastest ways to reach your customers, and equally customer satisfaction is driven by how quickly and easily your customers can reach you.
  • Competitive advantage – mobile apps answer a customer’s need for immediacy and that can give you an edge over your competitors. On the other hand, you might need to develop an app just to keep up with the competition.
  • Better customer service – the customer is always right, so putting your product or service in your customers hands gives them control over their experience with your brand.
  • Better data and analytics – your app is a fountain of information. Use that to generate valuable insight – from demographics, to downloads and uninstalls, to retention rates and usage info. Data is always king, especially if its about your customer.
  • Growth – apps can and should be scalable. Mobile apps give you the ability to add more power to your offering quickly and easily.
How is a mobile-based application developed? Mobile Apps begin their life as an idea and end their life as hopefully a go to software enjoyed by the owner of the smartphones around the globe. App development maximizes the technology of built-in features of each mobile device. They are considered to deliver the person interacting with the app a better standard user-experience than someone browsing something in the internet browser. But the process of app development is similar to other app development, such as web apps. The biggest difference is for mobile apps to have native features on a device. Have a look at your phone. Have you ever shared a live location on what’s app? Taken a photo to upload to Instagram? Sent a voice message or conducted a video call on Facebook’s Messenger app? These apps use functions already available on your device and integrate them to offer more features to the user. Depending on the development methodology you have chosen it’s likely you’ll need to build two apps for the iOS and Android operating systems. There are options out there, such as cross-platform development software where you develop a single version used on both operating systems. How long the development can take is dependent on the complexity. Simple and you could have an app in 6 weeks. Heavier features and functions, you could be looking at 3 months to a year. Testing is an absolutely crucial part of app development as it ensures the app you launch is bug free and ready to deliver and answer your customers’ demands. Launching an app that still have glitches could leave a very negative impression and lose your customers interest forever.
Wondering where to start with your mobile app?

Wondering where to start with your mobile app?

The Cost

App development prices vary depending on the level of complication for your idea. It's worth refining your idea and then working with us to develop a strategy for the app's intented goals and lifespan.

The Features

Some features might cost more than others, but that tends to be down to the amount of time it will take developers to build your app. We can challenge the features together - maybe the ones you need are not the most expensive out there.

The Research

It's important to look at where your app will sit in the app arena. What's your competition? Are you planning on unique features? How do you need to market and launch your app? Who are you going to launch it too?

The Long Run

Consider that an app is not a one-time brochure, it's a living, breathing software that will require just as much time. love and care post launch as before, not necessarily with the same amount of financial investment.

The Time Frame

App development is not locked within a specific timeframe. It's very much dependent on the initial requirements document. But don't stress, that's where we come in. We'll sit down with you and map the route your app needs to take and how to get there within a time frame that suits you.

The Operating System

If you're thinking about only developing for either iOS or Android, consider the profiles of each of these types of users. Apple customers tend to be willing to pay more for apps and in app purchases. However, there are more Android users in the world, but they tend to be lower income or a little fussier about trying an app before paying for it. We always suggest designing for both profiles where possible. Android apps do tend to take longer for development because of fragmentation, but we'll talk you through this when you begin to explore your project with us.

Web App Web Image vs Mobile Image Mobile App
Content Type
Great for features where the user needs to perform specific tasks, obtain more information.
Great for features where the user creates content themselves.
User Experience
Design dependent, project scope dependent. Not reliant on the device that is being used for any requirements.
Full integration to the user’s mobile device so the experience flow is unbroken, whether Android or iOS.
System Updates
Unnoticeable to the end user. Might require consideration to cater for latest browser updates and work several updates back.
Requires user monitoring and updating. Cut off point for old/outdated mobile operating systems.
Overall Performance
Only dependent on the internet speed being used and the brand of web browser. Google remains the most popular.
Always dependent on the user’s smartphone capabilities.
Speed to Market
Fast to market as it is one app that works across all browsers and various devices (including different sized screens).
Developers might need to cater for two operating systems, Android and iOS. Can take more development time.
Promotion of the App
Must work in line with an overall digital marketing , SEO and communication strategy.
Use of the iOS and Android app stores for promotion, alongside other digital marketing initiatives. Can work with location-based marketing through blue tooth.

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Secure, stable solutions with Serverless App Development

Let's call a spade a spade on this one. Serverless does not actually mean, without any servers. It means that your app will be hosted on the cloud and then stored on servers provided by the cloud company such as Amazon Web Services.

Scaling up your app's architecture into a serverless system is often seen as complex and cumbersome. But it doesn't have to be. With our experience in designing insightful APIs that connect your front end and serverless logic, the eventual cost savings and potential for more advanced app features to be rolled out are endless.

  • Going cloud based, or serverless for your app has numerous benefits.
  • Pay only for the space that your developers use.
  • Enjoy quick-to-launch releases without the need for task heavy backend configuration.
  • Add and roll-out new features on the fly.
  • Avoid the cost of standard server maintenance and management.
  • Make your app scalable so it can grow with your business plan and not be held back by slow to release updates and new functions.

Interested in joining the cloud? Let's discuss your options!


Why work with The Web Ally?

We're to solve your problems, develop your ideas and help you plan a roadmap to tech success. We have both the team and insight to support your digital journey and transform that initial sketch into a fully scalable project.

  • Experienced developers for SaaS (Software as a Service) and SOA (Service Oriented Architectures).
  • Best in class Quality Assurance.
  • Scalable support and team.
  • Round the clock support.
  • Experts in holistic software infrastructure and app development and integrations.
  • Results driven.
  • Work in tune with your overall business objectives.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance.
  • There to listen, consult and guide you through every step.

White Label App Development Services

If you’re an agency that has the dream design team but lacks the internal resources to develop and build the software, we’re here to help. Our bespoke app development services can fuel your designs, so you can deliver end-to-end solutions for your B2B and B2C clients – and take all the credit.

We’re there when you need us.

Website Management

Website Management

We ensure your website is running smoothly and is fully SEO optimized on an ongoing basis, with monthly reports and audits. We also handle regular backups, updates, security scans and see that search engines are connecting to your site efficiently.

Website Management
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

From helping you with optimized website copy that can convert a website visitor to a lead, to Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns and inbound marketing strategies, we’re here to help your online channels work for your business.

Digital Marketing

We make the web sticky.

There’s a lot of technical jargon out there when it comes to websites. We think our job is to make it easier for our clients to understand what solution works best for their business, budget and timeframe. We don’t work with jargon. We work with simple, effective results, giving your business the space it needs to grow on the world wide web.


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