We’ve designed an innovative WordPress Plugin tailored to manage sunbed reservations effortlessly.

This plugin transforms your WordPress website into a comprehensive management platform, equipped with essential tools to run your poolside or beach club efficiently. It covers booking administration, payment processing, and reporting.

With our advanced plugin, you can accept reservations online, prompt for payment (integrated with Stripe), and generate ticket barcodes (integrated with Tickera) sent directly to clients via email. Client will need to show the barcode to the Pool Attendant who will scan the barcode to verify and allow access. Additionally, customers receive reminders of their upcoming booking, minimizing the chances of no-shows.

Our plugin enables you to create different sunbed categories, each with varying prices and conditions. Moreover, it supports seasonal rate adjustments.

All bookings and transactions are logged and presented in real-time reports, providing you with crucial information at a moment’s notice.

If this piques your interest, please contact us to arrange a demo and further discuss the advantages of our WordPress Sunbed Reservation Plugin.

Introducing Huntz, an engaging treasure hunt and scavenger app designed to simplify the organization and management of offline treasure hunt events.

Through the CMS Admin Panel, you can effortlessly create assets (also known as Eggs) and assign them to specific treasure hunts. Users can then be grouped into teams to participate in the exhilarating Hunt.

To discover more about Huntz and request a demo, please visit or get in touch with us via the contact information provided.


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