Why rely on website maintenance by The Web Ally?

Put your mind at rest when it comes to backups, security, core and plugin updates, uptime monitoring, usage statistics and other website management tasks with a website maintenance plan.


Rest assured that your website is functional, up to date, secure and effective. Allow us to manage your website for you.


Ensure 24/7 uptime, learn your usage statistics, plan and analyse marketing campaigns and enjoy maximum conversions.


Put your mind at rest with regular backups, plugin and core updates, security scans and assistance if and when things go wrong.


Gain peace of mind with regular backups knowing your website can be recovered any time in case of site breakdown or hacking.


Implement all the latest plugin updates, core updates and security updates to minimise risk against bugs and hacking.


Gain insight on website performance and identify customer behaviour. Make informed marketing decisions and maximise profit.

Why a website maintenance agreement pays off in the long run

As in any other sphere, the virtual landscape is not immune to breakdowns and crime, such as viruses and hacking. WordPress and WooCommerce are particularly attractive targets due to their popularity so security patches are even more vital. Because while criminals are getting smarter, so are web developers.

There is a huge support network out there, which is constantly improving on vulnerable coding bugs. Updates and patches are regularly released to keep your site functional and secure.

Updates, backups and security scans keep your mind at rest. Uptime monitoring ensures there is no loss of business from crashing. Usage statistics offer you a tool to help you manage your website more profitably.

Furthermore, a failing website gives out a negative message to potential customers and results in loss of business. Moreover, you lose search engine ranking.

Monitoring and managing all this takes time and you may prefer to use yours to update your website with great content and drive more conversions. It’s just handy knowing somebody knowledgeable is handling all the geeky stuff on your behalf and is there to take a call and assist you when you need support.

Website maintenance plans

Our Website Maintenance Plans include some essential services as well as some auxiliary ones. Depending on the plan that suits your needs and budget, they may include the following:

  • Core Updates – Keep your website safe from hackers, malicious code distributors and data thieves.
  • Plugin Updates – Stay up to date with new features and bug fixes.
  • Security Scans – Identify vulnerabilities and patch them up quickly.
  • Backups – Recover your website in no time if your site breaks down or gets hacked.
  • Usage Statistics – Monitor the performance and success of your website, learn about your visitors’ usage behaviour and make informed decisions regarding marketing.
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring – Instil trust in your clients with a fully functional and efficient website.
  • Support Calls – Know there is someone at the end of the phone to help you out if and when things go wrong.
  • Content Updates – Get regular content updates to keep your website fresh and boost ranking.

Choose a website maintenance plan

Pick from one of our Maintenance Plans to suit your business requirements and budget.

Make your website work for your business. Find your Web Ally on the World Wide Web.

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