Why opt for an eCommerce website?

Open up your business to secure online shopping and increase sales with an eCommerce website. We specialise in WooCommerce for WordPress, and we also have experience with other popular platforms including Shopify and Magento.


Enter an entirely unique market place by selling online. Convert website visitors into customers at a click.


Obtain useful information about your customers through Analytics. Discover consumer demographics and behaviour.


Use measurable consumer insights to develop your marketing plans and further increase your sales conversions.


Encourage trust and sales by offering secure transactions. Eliminate security concerns through https servers and data encryption.


Extend your market by ensuring your shopping cart is mobile-friendly. Choose a responsive eCommerce solution.


Integrate a shopping cart easily to your WordPress website. WooCommerce offers multifunctionality and flexibility.

Following the online shopping trend

When online shopping has become a way of life for the modern consumer, and everybody is doing it, it follows that your business will benefit from taking your shop online.

From clothing catalogues to supermarkets, eCommerce has become merely another aspect of logistics. The good news is that you don’t move your goods until you actually sell them, then all you do is deliver. Some businesses ONLY sell online!

When it comes to services, consumers are nonetheless searching online for ideas and recommendations, information, reviews and prices. They compare and buy services based on that information, just like with products. Compel them to buy instantly and you are a step ahead of your competition.

What to expect from an eCommerce website

An eCommerce website includes a facility for your visitors to browse, pick and purchase items directly from your website. User friendly online shopping that offers secure payment facilities are likely to result in conversions, which means more profit for your business. An eCommerce website does not require a huge investment but can result in large returns for your company.

Our eCommerce website solution offers you a website designed to sell, whilst ensuring the best possible experience for your customers. It integrates with recognised payment solutions and various shipping options to offer you security and flexibility.

WooCommerce for WordPress

Did you know that you can add a shopping cart functionality to your WordPress website at the click of a button, without having to rebuild it from scratch?

WooCommerce is a WordPress shopping cart plugin, which allows you to tap into the benefits of eCommerce functionality coupled with all the flexibility of the underlying CMS (Content Management System).

WooCommerce is the fastest growing e-commerce platform and it is easy to understand why:

  • It is inherently built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress, the world’s favourite website platform.
  • Like WordPress, it is also open source and backed by a huge community of developers and users who continue to develop the product and offer support.
  • WordPress security professionals Sucuri regularly audit WooCommerce for vulnerabilities and offer patches and updates to keep your website and store safe and secure.
  • WooCommerce is mobile-friendly so your customers can literally purchase your products on the go and you can literally sell anywhere.
  • You can start with a small product and service offering and grow your online shop gradually.
  • It is easy to monitor the activity on your eCommerce site, with statistics and reports to help you assess and improve the effectiveness of your online store.

Contact us for a free consultation on how an eCommerce website could open up your business to the world of online shopping.

Opt for a website which is easy to use, easy to update, tried and tested. WordPress templates are highly customisable and make a reliable choice for your business website.

Take your shopfront online and increase your sales. Offer your customers the option to browse, choose and purchase your products and services online. Security is guaranteed.

Choose a Content Management System based website so you can update your website content by different users in different places, simultaneously and seamlessly.

Know your website is working well and never give it a second thought. We handle your backup, updates and security as well as ensuring uptime and monitoring usage statistics.

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