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9 Ways To Increase Leads with Lead Generation Sites

When you start out a new blog or business, the first thing that most people start to do straight away is create content. Having great content is important, but way too many website owners dedicate far too much time towards this.

With more than 440 million blogs in the world, content is everywhere. Although having great content is crucial, you really want to apply the principle of quality, not quantity.

Knowing how to maximize eyes on your content is essential and is where you should be focusing 80% of your efforts. You should create a handful of engaging articles that your readers will find value in continuously.

These articles become your core content, and driving traffic to those articles is where your focus should be. That’s where lead generation sites come in.

Here are nine ways you can increase your lead generation to develop more traffic to your site.

1.Optimize Your Lead Capture Process

When it comes to the process in which you capture leads, there is a wealth of lead generation sites out there that help you optimize capturing your leads. The big benefit of these sites is they help you convert traffic into leads.

These lead generation sites help you optimise your lead capture process, to get the highest conversions. Here’s one of our favourite lead generation sites.


Most of your website traffic won’t stick around. Approximately 75% of the traffic that comes to your site, and for some users an even higher percentage, will simply never come back. Don’t take it personally, it’s a numbers game.

There is that much content out there that it’s hard to get regular engagement. What OptinMonster and other lead generation sites offer is the chance to convert your traffic into leads that come back, by capturing their email addresses.

OptinMonster was founded by some of the people behind OptinMonster has produced over 217 million conversions since it’s inception.

OptionMonster is one of the best lead generation sites available as it has a bunch of customisable options allowing you to design the best conversion possible for your site. It also offers a multitude of different options from free and paid options if you want extra features.

The aim with OptinMonster is to optimize your lead generation process by capturing the email of interested visitors early on, and then put them through a funnel to grow them for a visitor to a lead.

2. Implement a Facebook Ad Strategy

Social media dominates the internet, with 81% of Americans having a social media profile, predicts the number of users on social media to grow to around 2.5 billion in 2018. What many of us forget when considering lead generation sites is that social media is the 2018 version of word-of-mouth referrals.

Instead of talking to friends and family, we now publicly post it online. Facebook is the largest social media platform by a long way, with 79% of online adults using it as a platform.

Using Facebook as one of your lead generation sites is crucial to getting relevant, targeted traffic. Luckily, Facebook understands this and makes targeting an audience and implementing adverts within their platform incredibly simple.

Use Facebook’s pixel feature to track your visitors, as visitor tracking is crucial for websites. This allows you to see what audience is accessing your site, and then Facebook will help you target this audience.

3. Use Effective Call to Actions

Using an effective call to action in the content you produce, such as blog posts and emails, is incredibly important for lead generation. Many lead generation sites will use multiple calls to action throughout their content to push users to engage with their content.

Think about furthering your brand by offering free content, newsletters or e-books to entice them to follow you. This can then allow you to turn those interested users into potential leads. You can then use email marketing to keep offering value.

4. Make Sure Your Site Is 2018-Ready

People in 2018 are a different breed of those in 2017. What does changing over into the new year mean for your site? It means you need to equip yourself to handle people’s expectations.

In 2018 the biggest commodity that people are struggling with is time. Time is crucial and websites and apps that save people time will be the key to success in 2018.

It’s a big reason why apps like Uber are so uber-successful! Uber isn’t about cheap taxis, it’s about convenience and saving time, that’s why people love it.

And with 79% of web shoppers who have website performance trouble never returning again, you don’t want to be falling short of your customer’s expectations.

5. Build a Great Seo Campaign

Lead generation sites have one big factor in common, they optimise their websites for SEO. Your site should be ready for SEO too, to make sure you are capitalising on your leads and making it as easy as possible to bring in leads organically.

Building good SEO can be difficult, you need good strategies to build effective backlinks, great on-site optimization as well as writing content that targets the correct keywords.

It’s essential for blogs and websites to understand how to build successful SEO.

6. Operate Social Media as a Media Company

When you look at many businesses, a lot of them get poor engagement on social media. This is because they are always trying to sell something. If you look at hugely successful media companies like VaynerMedia, they operate as a media company, not a marketing company.

What’s the difference? Rather than creating content to sell, they show the process.

Any business is capable of operating like a media company by showing your day-to-day process, interviewing your employees or creating a selfie on Instagram. Be your brand.

Rather than creating one piece of perfect content to post, create 5-25 pieces of content every day that are real, transparent and relatable.

7. Use Underpriced Attention to Win

When you look at the lead generation process, you’ll see that to grow leads you have to understand where the attention is. Take television advertisement for example.

TV ads are a largely overpriced way to grab leads and attention. Marketing companies have been using TV ads for years and people simply aren’t paying attention to them like they were in the 70s and 80s.

Mediums like Instagram influencers, Snapchat and Facebook ads are great ways to engage with people. Here they are paying huge amounts of attention, but for companies, these ways to advertise are very much underpriced.

The audience you could reach by spending €1000 on adverts with Instagram influencers will massively out way those you would reach in comparison to something like a leaflet drop. They would be a lot more engaged too!

Understanding where the attention is, what’s underpriced and what you can benefit from is key to successfully using lead generation sites to your advantage in 2018.

8. Build Great High-Value Lead Generation Sites

Building amazing content for people to engage with for free is absolutely key to successful lead generation in 2018. You want to be creating content such as:

  • Webinars
  • On-demand videos
  • E-books
  • Case studies
  • Research and reports

This type of content produces massive value for your ideal customer, making them buy into you as a brand and a company and building trust. Creating this kind of high-value content for your leads is one of the best techniques out there.

By using lead generation sites alongside this high-value content, you can build a funnel which offers value, week in and week out for your customer. To the point where they look to your company for help.

Make sure that the content you produce is not asking for anything back from your customer, try to provide incredible value. Use the jab-jab-jab-hook strategy created by Gary Vee.

The three “jabs” are; provide value. The “hook” is when you ask for something in return.

9. More Landing Pages Means More Leads

A study by Hubspot showed us that organisations have seen a 55% increase in leads when they have between 10-15 landing pages for lead generation.

This is a huge metric to understand; the more content you have, the more landing pages and offers you have for your customers, the more opportunities you’ll have for generating leads for your business.

Focus on following the rules outlined above and make sure to provide massive value for your audience. Within these landing pages, offer on both your website and other lead generation sites high-value content that will educate and provide actionable value for your audience.

Building landing pages is a great way to convert leads, but they don’t always have to be sales focused. Some incredibly effective landing pages that converted highly in 2017 used challenges, offering free content and engaging in the community to develop impressive leads.

What Will You Do with Lead Generation Sites in 2018?

Creating leads for your business is a crucial aspect to any marketing campaign. Utilising lead generation sites for your business is an easy way to effectively build up a strong campaign that will help your business to grow, develop new leads and ultimately kick some butt in 2018!

Digital marketing trends are always changing, to help keep you up to date check in on our blog. We regularly put out content to help you understand the digital marketing landscape and to improve lead generation for your business.

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