• AUTHOR Adrian Camilleri
  • DATEJan 27,2021
  • CATEGORYOnline Marketing, SEO

There’s a new kind of web developer in town.

He (or she) could prove to be one of the most important members of your digital marketing team. That’s because he’s has taken the time to learn skills usually associated with a marketer instead of a programmer.

We call this new specialist a SEO Developer. Here’s a look at why you need him, how she can help you and where you can find a great SEO web developer.

What Is a SEO Developer?

Ten years ago, when you hired a web design firm to create a website for you, they had graphic designers on staff who could create the front end look and feel of your site. They also had back end developers who could program your site to complete the complex tasks associated with running your operations.

Once your site was built, you may have turned to your own in house marketing team or to an outside consultant to help you get your site noticed by people in the search engines. All too often, a search engine optimization (SEO) professionals would tell you they needed to change some of the things your web developer had just done, or request that you have that developer add things to improve your search visibility.

There’s a lot of overlap between the two roles. There’s also a lot of compromises that can and should be made between the two to arrive at a successful balance between performance optimization and search optimization. An SEO Developer has experience in both worlds and can make many of those decisions for you.

What an SEO Developer Does

There are three sides to a search engine optimization campaign. One focuses on offsite growth; building backlinks, social signals and engagement. Another focuses on the structure of the pages that make up your site and the content that is on them.

Our new SEO developer would work on the third side that focuses on sitewide and on page optimizations code changes. This has traditionally been known as the “technical” leg of SEO.

Because they are programmers as well as marketers, an SEO Developer can do the actual hands on work required to optimize your site. Here are some of the things they would or could actually touch:

  • site structures
  • sitemaps and robots.txt files
  • url structures
  • page load speeds (external javascript and css files as well as image compression)
  • server side coding for 301 redirects
  • canonical tags
  • responsive web design coding
  • social media cards and tagging
  • schema markup

Don’t worry if you don’t know what half the terms on this list mean. There are dozens of online seo technical glossaries for marketers. You can also allow your SEO Developer to tell you which ones are most applicable to your site and should be prioritized.

Where to Find an SEO Web Developer?

There is actually a job description template for an SEO Developer your HR team can use to help you try to locate one of these specialists to hire. However, there aren’t too many of these specialists out there. Nor are there formal classes and degrees being offered in this area.

Your best bet is to do what you did 10 years ago to get a great website built. You should consider outsourcing these duties to a web design and development firm. You will save yourself a lot of time and money if you do. Here are ten more reasons why you should outsource this and all your web development needs.

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