• AUTHOR Adrian Camilleri
  • DATEDec 30,2020
  • CATEGORYBusiness, Online Marketing

The world has shifted from analog to digital. Even marketing has followed suit as advertising and selling products has reached the realm of the internet. Digital marketing has become ever more important for any kind of business today. Because of that, every kind of company needs to go try digital marketing. Here are some other reasons why they should:

Results are tangible

You use banners and billboards when you do a physical marketing campaign, the disadvantages of this is that you don’t have a way to tell whether it has penetrated your target audience. You also don’t know if you were able to achieve the target of traffic/conversions that you had in mind. However, digital marketing is different.

With digital marketing, you get to know if you are reaching your target audience well and if it has penetrated the market. Whether it’s from click-through rates or from completed online sales, you can monitor how well your digital marketing campaign is affecting your business’s success.


Digital marketing is far more affordable compared to other traditional marketing campaigns. You can easily monitor your expenses in digital marketing as opposed to traditional offline schemes. For example, when you advertise through Google, you pay based on the number of clicks your ad gets. You never pay more than what you are getting. Digital marketing is also more cost-efficient because you are getting more bang for your buck due to the simplicity of finding out if your marketing campaign is working or not.

Reach and targeting

When you start a digital marketing campaign, your reach is wider than traditional campaigns. You can reach people you normally can’t reach if you go digital. The best part is that you can target your audience. When you go for traditional marketing schemes like billboard advertising, you never know who is looking at your ad and if it really is positively affecting your business. However, in digital marketing, you can choose who you want to see your ads depending on demographics, gender, age, and location. You aren’t normally randomly targeting your audience in digital marketing as opposed to traditional methods of advertising.

What’s also great about digital marketing is that it is normally more attractive than traditional marketing methods. Because you are targeting your audience based on their interests, you will be able to make sure that the people seeing your ads are actually interested in what you are offering them.

Competitive edge

The best part about digital marketing is that you get a competitive edge over other business in the industry, especially if they are not making use of digital marketing campaigns. You will be able to reach a wider audience and target the people that are probably interested in your product because of digital marketing. And if your competitors are indeed using digital marketing, you can gain the edge over them if you are able to secure the services of a better digital marketing firm.

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