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Do you have a flagship website but you are finding it difficult to understand how much traffic it is generating? Would you like to have better tools to monitor the activity generated by your website, such as the number of visitors accessing your site, which devices they are using, which pages are they visiting, what offers are enticing them and why they are not completing your contact form?

What if you could go a step further by being able to detect who or which companies are accessing your website and get further information about their contact details? This would definitely help you target your marketing and sales pitch to particular clients and focus better on their needs.

Having the proper analytics in place is as important as having a good functional website acting as your store front. You can collect extremely valuable information just by analysing the traffic reaching your website. This information can prove valuable to your business as it allows you to know your potential clients and as a result target your marketing to specific clients or niche of clients.

google analytics

So, what tools are available? Surely the Google analytics offers lots of insights. It will tell you critical information such as

  • The demographics of your traffic and the geographical location: – this information will help you optimize your offering and marketing based on the age, gender and location of people accessing your website. It will also help you understand whether your target audience is actually responding to your marketing campaigns and visiting your website
  • The device through which clients are accessing your website: – as Internet access through smartphones is constantly on the rise, it is of utmost importance to have a website which is mobile friendly. This metric will give you an insight as to the devices being used to access your website.
  • Keywords and bounce rate: – bounce rate impacts your SEO i.e. the ranking which Google and other search engines give to your website when people enter specific keywords in their search. When customers click on a website but click the back button immediately, this harms your search engine ranking. It is therefore important that you are ranking for the right keywords. Imagine a website selling apartments but ranking terraced houses instead. As soon as customers detect that a web page will not provide them with the required info or content, they go back to the search engine. Google interprets this as a sign that your website is not providing the correct content for its customers. Read more at The three Pillars of successful Seo
  • What are people searching on your site, the path followed and length of their visit: – these metrics will allow to track the path people are following through your website. It can give you valuable insight into your top content, which should be generating most leads. It will also allow you to identify your worst performing pages such that you can work on improving them. It will help you gain insight into the buying stage that a potential customer is in, and what offering is he/she interested in.

All the above metrics will help you get insight into the performance of your website and whether your efforts to rank and attract the correct audience is paying off.

However imagine going a step further.

Imagine being able to actually know who is accessing your website. Imagine being able to place an email address, a company name and a contact to the anonymous users accessing your website. This is possible today with website visitor tracking tools which track the IP addresses of visitors browsing your website, and check them against huge databases in order to obtain detailed information about potential clients.

“Why do I need a B2B website visitor tracking software when I can access Google Analytics?”

Website Visitor Tracking – How does it work?

Each and every device connected to the Internet needs a unique identifier to be able to request and send information over the web. This unique identifier is assigned to a device irrespective whether the device is a desktop, a server, a laptop or a smartphone.  In order for any device to gain access to the Internet and successfully exchange any type of information, it needs one of these identifiers. Although this identifier is typically assigned upon each connection request and is generally private for home users surfing the web, most companies have their own fixed ranges which never change and therefore act as a valid representation of the company on the Internet.

Hence if you can track the IP address of the people visiting your website, you will be able to augment the rich information provided by tools such as Google Analytics with even more valuable information such as company info and contact details.

Imagine knowing that Company X is repeatedly visiting your site and specifically accessing your product offering Y. This will already give you a jump start ahead of your competitors. According to, 50% of buyers choose the vendor which is first to reply to a customer query.

Furthermore knowing your potential client and his/her particular interest at this moment in time, will allow you to tailor your marketing message to better suit the client’s needs. It will allow you to send an email with more targeted content to a potential client who is already in your sales funnel, as opposed to the generic email marketing messages which have a wider scope and audience. Relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails. (Jupiter Research)

Rather than focusing on cold calls and email marketing to get new customers, analytical tools will help you go a step further up the sales ladder and target people whom you already know might be interested in your services or products. It will indicate which are your potential hot leads and allow your sales teams to target these customers first.

The type of analytics will also help you to improve your website, especially if you have pages which are performing poorly. This could be due to a number of reasons such as poorly structured content, unclear clear, technical problems with page etc. Knowing about these pages will allow you to target them and fix them.

What does it involve?

Activating this level of analysis on your website is quite simple. You just need to add an additional piece of code to activate the website visitor tracking mechanism which will be able to register and save the IP addresses clicking on your website. This IP information is then captured by the analytical software such that it can be augmented with further details such as company info and contacts.

Access to information

Accessing the information is very simple and can be done through a dashboard which gives you access to the company information. More importantly, accessing the information is instant!

Website visitor tracking key benefits include:-

  • Access to instant real time information
  • Setup of real time notification alerts and reports such that you can be notified via email when visitors are browsing through your site.
  • Setup of specific triggers on specific pages, such that you can monitor more closely the effectiveness of a new offer for example
  • Classification of visitors as new or returning such that you are able to judge the interest of your potential clients.
  • Understanding the source through which a visitor landed on your page e.g. directly to the webpage, as a result of an organic search or else through a referral such as a Facebook advert.
  • For each visitor, you are able to know the length of the visit and how many pages people viewed.

We, at, can help you set up the right tools for your website. Contact us now for further information into how you can gain more insights from your website traffic by placing a name and face to otherwise anonymous traffic. We also offer a no obligations, 14-day free trial! There is no need to change your website at all – just the inclusion of a small piece of code will do the trick.

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