• AUTHOR Adrian Camilleri
  • DATEJan 27,2021

You got your site off the ground the right way, gained momentum with your content, and amassed a huge online following. However, somewhere down the line, you lost direction and decided to decrease or stop your SEO efforts entirely.

You may decide to stop SEO possibly because it’s too expensive or you’ve been taken in by misinformation about SEO.  It’s also common for people to abandon SEO because they expect incredible results in the short term.

If you’re asking, “Why is SEO important?” read on to get the answer.

Why Is SEO Important?

The main objective of any SEO campaign is to get the site to the top spot on the SERPs. In doing so, SEO drives traffic by exposing your site to more web users.

SEO helps to generate revenue for ecommerce sites, by making products more visible on the search engine results page.

One thing about SEO campaigns is that you have to keep constantly improving them. That’s because Google analytics are continually changing, meaning you have to adapt your SEO to the ever-changing analytics to retain your site’s ranking.

What Happens If I Stop Doing SEO?

Since SEO is so important, there are probably consequences for stopping your SEO campaign. On the other hand, maybe you’ve done enough to get you’re a high-ranking site and stopping your SEO efforts could be harmless.

Let’s boil down to what exactly happens when you stop paying attention to your SEO campaigns. It’s normal for your site’s traffic to remain consistent for a couple of months after you stop SEO, but you’ll notice some decline sooner or later.

Here’s what happens when you:-

Stop Posting Quality Content

Quality content is essential for your site’s success. That’s why most web designers and marketing agents emphasize on quality content for your SEO strategy. So when you start slacking off on posting quality of your content, you should expect:-

  • Slower traffic because you aren’t continual targeting new keywords, which is essential for your site’s ranking
  • Your content is no longer worthy of sharing in social media, which also translates to lesser traffic influx
  • Your frequent visitor stop visiting as often because there’s no fresh content on the site
  • The number of backlinks on your pages drastically means, which hurts your online income

When you stop posting fresh quality content, Google will think your site is inactive. It’s only logical for Google to lower your rankings because your site no longer adds value to the web users.

Stop Updating Pages

Nothing screams my site is no longer active than static content. If your last post was in November 2017, then it beats the point of having a website in 2020.  We get it, sometimes there’s simply no fresh content to add to your site, but here are some ways to always keep your pages fresh.

  1. Make your previous text longer- You don’t necessarily need new topics for fresh content. You can simply add on to your current content. Always remember to notify your visitors of any changes through newsletters or your email list.
  2. Add Some FAQs- Adding more FAQs to your FAQ page counts as a page update. So add a few FAQs to your site for both you and your web visitors’ sake.
  3. Add links to other articles- When it comes to adding links to other articles, ensure what you’re linking to is relevant content. That way, you’ll also be adding value to site visitors apart from just updating your pages.

Of course, the best way to keep your page up-to-date is by adding fresh new relevant content. Don’t be too lazy, scout around for new content and keep your site updated.

Neglect the Technical Issues

Managing a website isn’t the easiest thing on earth because apart from worrying about rankings, you also have to deal with a heap of technical issues. Choosing to ignore these technical problems only spells disaster for the site.

The best approach to fixing technical issues is solving them as they occur. These technical issues may include stuff like duplicate content and site clutter, among others. If you let these issues pile up, they may overwhelm you when you finally decide to solve them collectively.

Plus, remember that the more the issues pile up, the costlier it will be to solve. Keep that in mind the next time you want to put off fixing your website’s technical issues.

Stop Adding New Pages

Adding new pages is more difficult for some sites than it is for others. That’s because some niche sites can’t add new pages since they can’t segment their sites any further. Regardless of the niche of your website, do your best to add some new pages to the site.

Remember, these new pages should coordinate with your overall site’s structure and organisation. You can make these new landing pages if you aren’t keen on boosting your SEO. Make sure these landing pages target keywords for an even greater effect on SEO.

However, remember not to clutter these pages as they might hurt your loading speeds, which is bad for SEO.

Stopping Your SEO Campaign Is Never a Good Idea

From the above, we can conclusively establish that stopping SEO works to the detriment of your site. Plus, having answered the question, “Why is SEO important?” you should be focusing your full attention on SEO.

The effects of good SEO takes some time to pick, but eventually, you will have a high-ranking site with a massive online following.

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